Leadership Team
Dwarka Sec 16

Ms. Neena Newar

Ms. Neena Newar


From the Principal’s desk...

“We are ourselves the creator of our own destiny, and all the strength and succour we want is within our own selves.”

Remembering the words of Swami Vivekanand, we pledge to stand up bold and strong and take the responsibility on our shoulders. We march ahead believing in our inner might to make our own future with a prayer to be able to use our God-given-gifts justly.

With this enriching thought we once again look ahead joyously to the dawn of this new beginning. New session provides opportunities to its students and teachers to explore fresh new pasture, newer things to learn and add a new milestone of joyous learning together. With caring and compassionate teachers always by the sides, to always guide and support, our students maturer by one more year now, will definitely scale newer heights and achieve much more than the year gone by.

We believe in sharing with all children the gift of learning, enthusing in them a desire and a will to achieve. We are focussing in making our resources of teaching and learning still better equipped so that we usher all the students who come to our portals with a promise of excellence in education. A coordinated effort is needed among the students, teachers and the parents to ensure we get all positive academic and behavioural outcomes. We look forward to be successful in our endeavour.

With regards and best wishes for a very fruitful journey ahead !!