Parent Testimonials

Excellent school with excellent faculty. I have seen a positive change in my child. Personal attention to every child is something that makes the school stand out among other schools. I really appreciate thehardwork of teachers. The best part is even though teachers are meeting students online, still they know everything about the child. Choose PRUDENCE to unleash boundless opportunities for your child and give a better future.

In Prudence not just academic growth of child but co-curricular activities are also going on very effectively and all the teachers are fantabulous. They make the class lively and joyful. They try each and every way to make students understand and clear their doubts. They also revert very quickly whenever I have any query. Their patience and commitment towards student's improvement is really commendable.

Teachers are like the second God, they shape the minds of children and make them able to stand in the society, these words became clear to us when we experienced the teaching . They made the children's learning playful which ultimately made students believe that education is playful rather than fearful. We are very thankful to the teaching which made Ananya good in studies and ignited her curiosity and ultimately made her think that education is fascinating.

Being associated with this school since last 8 years, my children have attained a lot. They work on the concept of educate, innovate and create. The teachers are working really hard to inculcate the same in the children. During the lockdown, with limited resources, the teachers are doing commendable job. Thanks to Prudence School.

My son (Shivang Nag) is studying in Prudence School, Dwarka 16B branch since last 4 years. I am really happy to see his improvement in academics and personal development. I Really appreciate the hard work, attention and efforts put by each and every teacher on each student on personal basis. Apart from the normal schooling, during this lockdown phase also the school and teachers of Prudence School did not fail to put equal attention on individual student. I recommend Prudence School to each and every parents who have big dreams for their kids as this is the Right place where kids get nurtured and motivated for their ambition in true sense.

We sincerely express our gratefulness from the depth of our heart for all the efforts put in by you, other teachers and the entire team.

Even during this unprecedented pandemic, you have put in all your incredible efforts in finding novel ways to impart education to students effectively besides to motivate the students as well as parents.

Indeed it is commendable. You have set an example of immense inspiration for all of us.

Your teachings and works have a long term impact, which have a power to shape generations, impact minds and make the world a better place, on not just your students but on the society as a whole.

We believe and assure you that it will keep all of us enlightened forever and guide the students to be better human beings.

We pray the Almighty for your wellbeing and success.

I highly recommend "Prudence-Dwarka 16B" to each and every parent! Both of my daughters go to the same school and I must ackowledge that all of the teachers are so kind to each child, truly encouraging and caring. This is one of the best school in the category of Experiential Schools! This school has set a solid foundation for developing various innovative teaching techniques for the benefit of the students. Besides unique curriculum, the school offers various activity classes which children love to indulge in. My sincere gratitude to all the teachers and school management for putting in great efforts during this pandemic stuation. Videos, power point presentations and content have been shared with the students for better learning experience. A BIG thank you!

Prudence school is an amazing institution for educating the youth and uplifting them in both scholastic and non-scholastic fronts. The teachers support the students and develop an understanding with them. Great to be a part of Prudence Family.

Its been a great alliance of 11yrs with the school staff and faculty. The USP of this school, I would say is Teacher-Parent relationship/bond for the better overall development of the child. All these years, my suggestions, querries, doubts have not only been sorted but also welcomed with an open and warm heart. 'Inclusive Education' has already been a part of the teaching practices ever since their inception, respecting the individual differences in each child.As a parent,I feel proud to be a part of Prudence fraternity.

Prudence school is a great platform for students of all ages. As a student, it has not only helped me achieve great heights in academics but has also helped me to learn about different fields. The teachers are really good and are adjusted to fit the mind of each student. The school also showcases competitions which help us understand about our capabilities. The school is really focused towards educating, innovating and creating brilliant students. It also helps to build self confidence, discipline and self control. I feel really happy to study in this school.